Graves At Sea – “The Curse That Is”


Graves At Sea – “The Curse That Is” (Relapse Records)

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Doom sludge noise from Portland, OR! Formed in 2002 by friends Nick Phit (guitar) and Nathan Misterek (vocals), the duo have been through a breathtaking array of bassists and drummers after releasing a series of highly regarded demos and splits in the underground, and finally stand poised to unveil this long awaited debut full-length. If you like monster bottom end riffing a la EyeHateGod graced by Sabbath warbles topped off my twisted, screaming vocals a la Iron Monkey, then Graves At Sea will definitely float your boat. New rhythm boys Bryan Sours (drums) and Sketchy McGarrity (bass) – wot a name – deliver the goods through deep, reverberating bass and primal plod drumming on gargantuan 10 minute plus epics like the grim ‘Waco 177’ or through the melancholia of ‘The Ashes Made Her Beautiful‘. Aside from their obvious droning slabs of power, Graves At Sea show interesting variety in the acoustic ‘Luna Lupus Venator‘, a short ambient piece with a creepy fiddle that lends to a very occult vibe – proof that you don’t have to crank those amps to make your point! Already well known in Europe and back in the US through touring and festival appearances (i.e. Maryland Deathfest, Roadburn, SWR etc) this colossal, long awaited full length is the sum of perfected aural misery some 15 years in the making…..

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