Gravesend – “Methods Of Human Disposal”

Gravesend – “Methods Of Human Disposal” (20 Buck Spin)
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As if 2020 couldn’t have been closer to the apocalypse, then from outta NYC’s rat-infested gutters comes Gravesend, who make COVID-19 seem almost preferable to the noise inducing bile and putrid disgust on the 15 noxious tracks making up their distastefully titled debut, “Methods Of Human Disposal”. I mean, where the fuck are these people coming from if they won’t even give their names but only initials?!?! Mixing grindcore inspired by their city’s long infamous urban blight along with the darkness of black metal, “Methods Of Human Disposal” is as ugly as it is ultra-catchy in its venomous mix of inhumane screamo, deranged drumming, fetid bass and not in the least, utterly possessive grind and d-beat riffs. Put it together through superb arrangements and the near perfect blend of tempos and what you’ve got is music to match its disgust of the festering filth making up the dark underbelly seeping in the city’s vast concrete walls and pavements. For the faint of heart, it certainly ain’t as the grim riffs and smashing drums unleash ‘Ashen Piles Of The Incinerated’ through the cement mixer of cold, hollow screams and cymbal overload coalesced with fretboard slides, morbid basslines and even more chundering guitar to welcome you to the cold embrace of death. With scarcely a let up (as if you’d expect one !), ‘End Of The Line’ starts off almost epically as it builds through a wall of noise before exploding in an all-out fight of double bass blast beats, more catchy doom grind riffs, banshee screamo and death grunts all superbly arranged in their alternating frenzy. With the snare drum near shattering, the pace thankfully slows into an ultra-catchy punk noise groove reminiscent of Nails on ‘Subterranean Solitude’, and as the speed builds it becomes ever more irresistible towards its intense culmination – superb. Crashing in with massive drums and cymbal destruction, ‘Scum Breeds Scum’ just rocks out through its amazing death grind riffs inducing wave after wave of pulverising demonic possession and as the pace builds, you can hear the kick pedals racing while the icy, hollow vocals bellow out the song’s title to forever drive the name of Gravesend into your mind – or what’s left of it. A truly cracked creation.
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