GRAVEWARDS “Ruinous Ensoulment”

“Ruinous Ensoulment”
(Unspeakable Axe Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have a tendency to get my hopes up just based on album covers. I have been a metalhead long enough to know that a nice album cover often means a great album. So when I saw the cover to GRAVEWARDS’ new album it got my hopes up. And as I started to listen to it, it had the promise of being something magnificent. I usually don’t comment on the vocals in death metal but I gotta do it this time simply because I think that they are out of place. The music is so good that it deserves an even more soulful vocalist, not one that just belches out the lyrics. But that is my opinion. There is nothing wrong with the music. It is rather old school-ish death metal. Heavy and intense. But it is those vocals. They are too shouty for my taste. Other than that this is good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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