GRAVEWARDS “Subconscious Lobotomy”

“Subconscious Lobotomy”

Battle Helm Rating

Even more Swedish death metal (?) from a Greek mob. This is GRAVEWARDS first demo. And for those of you into Swedish death metal you all should know where the demo title comes from. If not it is from Centinex’s debut album on Underground Records. Centinex grew quickly to become a bench mark for Swedish death metal. GRAVEWARDS manage to pay tribute in a really cool manner. This is not the Entombed sound that so many tries to emulate but more heavy and slow and not so groove oriented. This is still a cool piece of death metal. Sure, it brings back a lot of memories from the 90s but it does also work if you don’t have those kinda memories. This is timeless death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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