Graveyard – “Peace”

Graveyard – “Peace” (Nuclear Blast) 

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Well “Peace” is certainly an apt title for this comeback release, given that a coupla years back it was anything but the case, resulting in the dissolution of the band and departure of co founding drummer Axel Sjöberg! A serious rethink though, and a few months later a reunion was announced – minus Axel – and “Peace” was on its way. Renowned over the course of 4 prior albums for their psych blues hard rock, ironically “Peace” is a harder release in comparison, more rooted in psych stoner although I personally wouldn’t complain cos it’s one helluva trip baby! From the racing ‘A Sign Of Peace’ with its rolling drums and hefty bass lines as the trippy vocals talking about ‘…big black cars rollin’ down the road…’ the very desert rock sounding ‘Cold Love’ blasts in while the ambient ‘See The Day’ is about as ethereal as it gets with its delicate plucked guitar. Then hitting you with a face full of fuzz is the album’s heaviest track ‘Please Don’t’ with Truls Mörck wrenching his bass so viciously you can hear the poor thang rattling away ha ha – although amid the furore, the incredibly deep and catchy chorus hits home amid some moving background organ and a simply out of this world guitar solo! Trucking in some folk on ‘The Fox’ blended superbly with stoner really does the trick here with that cool guitar melody and completed by the accompanying laid back but still fiery Dylan-esque vocals while ‘Del Manic’ goes back to those famed blues roots mixed in with some wah psych for that mind bending experience. Bringing it all home to me was the pacey hippiness of ‘Bird Of Paradise’ with its amazing guitar work, funktastic on the one hand and yet so incredibly moving in its croons elsewhere – nothing short of heart touching in its mesmerising effect. While I did wonder about some inclusions, “Peace” was demonically played from the soul throughout, exorcising some ghosts along the way no doubt, but resulting in a diverse release making no apology and certainly not holding back whatsoever.

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