Graveyard – “The Altar Of Sculpted Skulls”

Graveyard – “The Altar Of Sculpted Skulls” (Pulverised Records)

Not to be confused with their Swedish hard rock namesake, although you could be given these 4 Spaniards play it Swedish – especially if you like olde school death a la Dismember and of course, Grave! Guttural vocal drawls, filthy Swe-deth riffs, insane Slayeresque diddly-dee soloing, and raw, pummeling drums define songs like ‘Howl Of The Black Death’, ‘An Epitaph Written In Blood’ and ‘Cult Of The Shadows’. Formed 5 years ago, they appear to have been very active since, touring mainly in Southern Europe – and it’s easy to see why, cos their brand of brutality is masterfully played, as well as being lethally addictive!

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