GraVil – “No More Forgiveness”

GraVil – “No More Forgiveness” (

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Formed in 2007, GraVil have been causing quite a stir in old London town, well known by the UK press and resulting in slots at the Download festival, along with touring with the likes of Hell Yeah, resulting in this momentous album which is easily their best release to date! With a whole series of personal and political issues affecting front man founder vocalist Grant Stacey the (un)needed pressure has resulted in material that has seen the band leap several steps up the maturity ladder, along with a welcome return to their earlier heaviness so less synths this time round! Playing a melodic thrash / death style, Stacey’s own hoarse screamo may be generic, but the quality of the riffs by Tony Dando and Charlie Webster, ably intense and chundering while effortlessly switching to powerful catchy melodies, not forgetting Perrin’s technical but pounding drum work are what makes this release stand out. Taking almost 15 months to complete, the 10 tracks here reflect the quality inherent in their grooves, with excellent arrangements and huge hooks making them highly memorable, going well ahead of the pack, especially given this is a self release. Most of all, songs like ‘Locate The Traitor’, the dual femme goth of ‘Fractured, Divided‘ and the hyperspeed ‘Decommissioned’ have a total live feel about them, from being able to easily energize a mosh to chilling out to some superb melodies in between those battles in the pit, so easy to see why GraVil are such a popular gigging band. Now impressively on “No More Forgiveness”, they prove they can hack it in the studio thanks to Dan Abela’s (Voices, Sarah Jezebel Deva) sterling production, setting the blueprint of success for many an upcoming band out there.

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