GRENOUER “Blood On The Face”

“Blood On The Face”
I think I have an album by this band tucked away safely somewhere in my collection. Just can’t seem to remember much more than the name though. This Russian band are on their seventh album. And I’ve missed most of them. This is heavy metal. I usually don’t have anything against keyboards but I gotta say that this time around there is a nagging feeling of the band having been better off having dropped the keyboards in most tracks. It doesn’t add anything to the sound. Instead it just annoys the hell out of my ears and hinders the songs from blossoming fully. But that is just my opinion. I guess that the keyboard is supposed to add some modern touch to the metal. And modern sounding is just the feeling that I got from this album. A bit like a very light Fear Factory. The more I listen to this album the better we get along. A decent metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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