GRETHOR “Damnatio Memoriae”

“Damnatio Memoriae”
(Edgewood Arsenal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

To this day I find it fascinating that you can come up with sounds that are totally different while using the limited amount of chords there are to chose from. How the human brain can think up patterns not used before to create something new. US blackened death metal horde GRETHOR have a sound that differs them from most bands this week. If it is good or not? To be honest this is not the stuff that I would put on each and every day like I do Dismember or Grave but there is a charm to their off the beaten track death metal. If you like your music a bit on the outside of the mainstream then this might very well be your kinda album. And no, it is not as strange as I might have painted it. Basically this is US death metal of the more extreme kind. And as that this is good. Anders Ekdahl

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