Greywolf – “The Beginning”

GREYWOLF – “The Beginning” (Arthorium Records)

Battle Helm Rating

By Crom it’s my destiny! What we have here is an anthology of selected tracks from no less than six demos recorded between 2012 and 2013 by GREYWOLF before their self titled debut full length album in 2014. A treat for fans of epic fantasy inspired heavy metal, most tracks appear to revolve around Robert E Howard’s mythos. Tracks like By The Power of Crom, The Elephant Tower, King Kull, Thoth Amon and others are tastefully peppered with the sounds of thunder, howling wolves, clashing swords and warrior chants. Rounding out the collection of 15 studio tracks are 5 live tracks and two unreleased tracks. This is a great collection of rare GREYWOLF tracks for those who enjoy old school galloping power metal – which I do!

-Bard Algol

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