GRIDE “Hluboká temná modř”

“Hluboká temná modř”
(L’inphantile collective)

Battle Helm Rating

Grindcore is nothing I got hooked on. I have tried it in various shapes but nothing has really stuck with me. I’ve tried Napalm Death, Agathocles, Terrorizer, Nausea, Exit 13 and Nasum but nothing really seemed like my thing. I am not saying that GRIDE are bad. In fact they are bloody marvelous at what they do. And in small doses this is something that I can listen to. Like on a 7”. But a full CD of their recorded works. It is a nice introduction to the band and I am glad that I got to make their acquaintance. It would not have liked to be totally clueless. As a grindcore record this is perfect. You get everything you could imagine. And you get plenty of it too. Anders Ekdahl

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