Grief of Emerald – “It All Turns To Ashes”

Grief of Emerald – “It All Turns To Ashes” (Non Serviam Records)

Although formed over 20 years ago, Sweden’s GoE have undergone a multitude of changes caused by unstable line-ups until a solidification in 2009 when they released an album called “The Devils Deep” that was very much in the black / death vein inspired by the likes of Dissection. Now with “It All Turns To Ashes” they have gone one step further in introducing prominent black keyboard melodies a la Cradle Of Filth while keeping the raw screaming vocals, jumping fretboard wizardry and ferocious battery drumming on cool songs like ‘Stormlegion’, ‘Where Tears Are Born’ and ‘God Of Carnage’. “It All Turns To Ashes” certainly works a treat in revitalizing a classic sound with an added dimension, albeit in a non patronizing manner that should give Grief of Emerald a long waited and deserved recognition.

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