GRIFFON “ὸ θεός ὸ βασιλεύς”

“ὸ θεός ὸ βασιλεύς”
(Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

A quote from the label’s bandcamp page kinda sums up what this French band is all about lyrically; “o Theos o Basileus” (from the Greek: the god, the king) questions the relationship between spiritual and temporal power. But then again I would not expect anything less from a French band. It might be a bit biased to always think that French band has to be intellectual but I don’t give a fuck. To me France is a very intellectual country. Musically this is progressive black metal. If there even is such a thing.Perhaps not as progressive or off beat at Deathspell Omega but still progressive enough to pin point the band’s origin without knowing it. Listening to this I get a latter day Emperor feeling, when they left the more chaotic for the more intricate. You do not listen to this album if you want a full on thrashabout. You listen to this if you want the more contemplative side of black metal. An album that takes a bit getting used to but once it sets its claws in you won’t let go.Anders Ekdahl

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