GRIMGOTTS “Lions Of The Sea”

“Lions Of The Sea”
(Stormspell Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I honestly don’t know what GRIMGOTTS mean or what it is. Other than a cool metal band on one of my fave labels. But apparently they are British and they play a sort of symphonic power metal. I have not seen a single Harry Potter movie but I have seen the prequel. So I can in a way relate to this being influenced by that kind of fantasy writing. This is in no way bad but I still feel that there is something missing. I would have liked for this to be even more bombastic. British empire bombastic. The “we are bigger and best” feel. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this. In an odd moment my mind wandered off thinking that this reminds me of a Bal-Sagoth gone power metal. And that is not a bad thing in my mind. Anders Ekdahl

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