GRIMNOTE “Screaming Underground”

“Screaming Underground”
I have no problem with any sort of music (with the exception of white pride bullshit and stuff like that). I like all kinds of hardrock and metal as well as anything else that I find good. Which is why I like most things that I get to hear. It is just a matter of where on the good scale they end up. GRIMNOTE doesn’t say much to me as this is my first encounter with them. But musically this is hardrock in at the bluesier end of the spectra. I get a very distinct American feel about this Italian band. You can imagine the wide open roads when you listen to this. I listen to everything when I drive to work but this I could see working on a longer drive. This is music that makes you want to drive with a passion. And that is good enough for me to give it two thumps up. Anders Ekdahl

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