GRIMORTE “Esoteric Ascendance”

“Esoteric Ascendance”

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GRIMORTE is a UK two piece blackened doom metal entity that is bordering the atmospheric side of black metal. Or at least that is what I’ve managed to read up on them. I totally love old Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride alongside Cradle Of Filth. Listening to this I get a feeling of funeral doom gone black metal. There is that feeling of claustrophobia that you get from funeral doom, that there is no escaping from hell, mixed with a black metal aesthetic. I like what I hear. This moves at the speed of a sloth but it is far more interesting than watching a sloth move. This is so good that it makes me headbang in slow motion. A really cool start to a relationship that I hope will be long and prosperous. Anders Ekdahl

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