GRIND-O-MATIC ”Regular Singularity”

”Regular Singularity”

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I wish I got sent much more grindcore releases than I do because all my references today are like old. Sure, I have Nasum to go by but that is still an old one. Other than that it is much more stuff like Exit 13. Brutal Truth and old Napalm Death. I don’t know why but more often than not I get a jazz feeling when I listen to grindcore. I get that feeling when I listen to GRIND-O-MATIC’s new album. Perhaps it is because of all the different tempo changes that goes on in the music. And I am not a great jazz fan. But that doesn’t stop me from finding enjoyment in this one. Not me new fave of the week but I am glad that I got to hear it. They do grind like madmen. Anders Ekdahl

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