GROAN “The Divine Right Of Kings”

“The Divine Right Of Kings”
(Soul Seller)
I liked Cathedral from the very first note on their debut album “Forest of Equilibrium”. Back then they were quite unique. No band played that slow in my book and got away with it. Today we all know that there is a plethora of bands so slow that you think time has stopped. Groan sounds to me like the missing link to the 70s. If that is good or bad you’ll have to be the judge of. I’m a huge fan of Black Sabbath’s debut album from 1970. Not only because I was born that year but because it has an aura that few album can match. I get the same kind of aura from this album. There is something sinister lurking in the forests. Something truly horrific that cannot be seen or touched but still is there. If Sabbath’s debut was the epitome of evil back in 1970 this second album from Groan comes very close second to it. Anders Ekdahl

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