GROTESKH “Unconsciousness”

At first I was a bit pissed off at this band for trying to cash in on the Swedish cult band Grotesque but then I realized that not that many might remember them today. So I decided to concentrate on the music instead of wasting time and energy on the band’s name. It did start on a good note with a chugging guitar riff and it pretty much continued that way all through. Not knowing what to expect this turned out to be a, well I don’t know if I’m to call it death metal or black metal. There are elements of both in the sound. The closest I come in comparing them to any band is a modern time Satyricon. But it is neither nor. In some ways it transcends boundaries while in others it is very traditional. If I have to call this anything then it would be black metal. But to avoid it messing with my head completely I’ll leave all the thinking behind and just enjoy this as a piece of rather cool extreme metal. Anders Ekdahl

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