GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM ” Demonic Inquisition”

” Demonic Inquisition”

Battle Helm Rating

I really hope that this won’t turn out grotesque in a repelling sort of way. Instead I hope that this is going to blow the dust of my old stereo. Make it come to life again. Everything about this, from band name to album title to art work screams “brutal”. If you thought that this was going to be anything but death metal in the Incantation style was off your head. Bloody hell, two in a row of killer death metal. This is already my second fave death metal album of the week. GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM are heavy in a Bolt Thrower manner but death metal in that thick, compact way that is so American. This is thicker than molasses. Stickier than syrup. Once you enter you are stuck. Anders Ekdahl

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