GRUESOME STUFF RELISH “Sempiternal Death Grind”

“Sempiternal Death Grind”
(FDA Rekotz)
It took me some time to get to terms with the band name but once it found its place in my mouth it seem a very appropriate name for a death/grind band. This one I know nothing about but anything that is being described in terms of Carcass gets me going. This is the kind of horror movie turned deathgrind kind of stuff that you need a special interest to enjoy. Here’s no old school feeling or melodeath line to hang it all on. This is the gruffier side of Carcass circa “Reek Of Putrefaction”. Nothing fancy. Just plain in your face aggression. I can’t help not liking this. There is a charm to this that makes me smile with my whole face. Anders Ekdahl

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