“City Of Sin”

Battle Helm Rating

I know that I am a pain in the ass when it comes to band names but I have a bloody hard time taking a band serious if they don’t have a serious sounding name. GRUMPYNATORS might play the world’s greatest music but that will not help me getting past the humorous band name. And when I hear the music I get a party feeling. I am not saying that this is bad. There is a place in my metal heart where this is the soundtrack to a perfect Friday. It is up tempo party friendly. This is the kind of metal that gets your heart pumping and puts colour on your cheeks. But it also the kind of music that I wouldn’t put on if I were alone. It is too “happy” and too up tempo to listen to alone. But in a bar with lots of people this will be perfect. And with all that said I still have to admit that I like this. It got me tapping my feet. Anders Ekdahl

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