GUN BARREL “Brace For Impact”

“Brace For Impact”
Without having heard this album I kinda expected something along the lines of “Blaze Of Glory”-Jon BonJovi. You know the stuff I’m talking about. The bigger than life outlaw mentality. I wasn’t too off in my assessment. This has a hardrock feel much like you could have expected from a name like Gun Barrel. Maybe that the melodies have a contemporary Helloween feel, no other comparison made, or is that perhaps a very European tinged sound. It’s been a while since I lent an ear to this type of hardrock/power metal hybrid. I’d say that if you like bands like Hammerfal, Sabaton and that kind of stuff this will be right up your alley. Or is that a Scorpion or AC/DC on steroids. I get such a schizo feel listening to this album that I don’t know what to think. Don’t even know what Gun Barrel are aiming at. Feels like they are targeting too many with their music. A better cohesiveness would have been appreciated. Why do I all of a sudden come to think of Krokus too? Anders Ekdahl

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