Guns N Roses – “Appetite For Democracy 3D”


Guns N Roses – “Appetite For Democracy 3D” DVD / 2 CD (Universal Music Corp)

With the bar lifting this year with filmed concert footage taking a new level both in terms of sound quality and cinematic capability, Axel Rose must have been one of the contenders much sought after so it comes as little surprise that we finally have this Guns N Roses extravaganza – and all in 3D! Thankfully you won’t need any pesky specs although you might be reaching for your earplugs as the sound literally makes you feel like you’re there at The Joint in the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas, with Frank Ferrer’s hammering drums causing the PA to occasionally distort!! Enjoying a resurgence in recent years thanks to Rose taking a more temperate approach to life, his new band – now with 3 guitarists, keyboardists and on this show Vegas pole dancers – is technically robust to deliver the material with a more fuller sound, probably doing more justice to the material off “Use Your Illusion”, which is ironic as this is the first live DVD release since those releases. With various band members adopting the look of their predecessors (Ferrer excepted) one might question whether this is to placate the audience or to give Rose his definitive place at the center of the stage, although the band certainly do get solo spots along with vocal leads chucked in for good behavior no doubt. Still, it’s small issue given how vociferous the multi generation audience are, shouting out to ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, singing tearfully to ‘Civil War’ and bopping along with Rose to ‘Mr Brownstone’, who hasn’t lost his voice nor his stage presence. Now coming up on their 30th anniversary, who knows what that might bring in the case of an original reunion, but with Duff and Slash both doing well in their own bands, perhaps the sentiment is to let sleeping dogs lie and move on, and with the 25 songs here as well as that aforementioned audience participation proving popular with new generations, Guns N Roses are in a new chapter. They, or I should say Axel have come a long way from the streets of LA in the 80s to a classy Vegas show, complete with all the pomp and circumstance, although strangely enough it isn’t a million miles from where I’d have imagined that original group to have gotten to eventually.

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