GUTTER INSTINCT “Heirs of Sisyphus”

”Heirs Of Sisyphus”
(Pulverised Records)

Battle Helm Rating

For some reason the name GUTTER INSTINCE gives me vibes of Bolt Thrower back during the “In Battle There Are No Laws” album. There is that old school feeling to this. And once I started to listen to this it was all confirmed. Not that it is a Bolt Thrower homage. That it is rather old school death metal with some black thrown in. This pretty much makes me think back to the 90s. An era that I totally love. This is the GUTTER INSTINCT’s second album. I cannot seem to remember if I have heard that album. What is even more annoying is that the band comes from my hometown. This has to be corrected immediately. This turned out to be a really great album full of dark and heavy death/black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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