GWAR – “Disc With No Name”

GWAR – “Disc With No Name” EP (Pit Records)
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Following the announcement of their “Ragnarok” Rye and brand-new CBD line “Bud of Gods,” 2021 is already shaping up to be the return of the legendary GWAR, not in the least by this release of this limited edition 4 tracker EP. Prompted by last year’s acoustic performance for The A.V. Club during their quarantine sessions, “Disc With No Name” features unplugged versions of tracks taken from their last release “The Blood Of The Gods” as well as older records like “Carnival Of Chaos” and “America Must Be Destroyed”. According to lead vocalist Blóthar, it was recorded over the telephone ‘…because I can’t stand to be in the same room as the other members of GWAR…”! Despite the seeming animosity, the sound is great and opens with ‘Fuck This Place’ with its smooth acoustics and folky vocals reminiscent of Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass as they gently croon to rhyming lines like ‘..we fucked apes, giving birth to the human race, your existence was a big mistake, our bastard offspring, so we said…’! Heading into Hanson heaven on ‘Gonna Kill U’, Blothar’s gentle tones and matching acoustic harmony belies its twisted lyrics of ‘…I’m gonna kill you, gonna cut your pretty face all up…’, while the bluesy touch on ‘I’ll Be Your Monster’ exudes passion in both Blóthar’s vocals as he croons ‘…I’m waiting for you, buttercup, what are you afraid of, sweetie?…’ while being topped off by some kicking guitar work, even in its acoustic form. Whistling in on ‘Road Behind’ to give it a bluegrass feel, the laid-back groove only adds to the contrast of crazed lines like ‘…I’m in a homicidal rage, I signed a million dollar contract, I puked on every page, slaughtered half the crew, cause they ate the deli-tray…’. Superbly tongue in cheek offering excellent entertainment value, this EP actually needs no name owing to the twisted genius of GWAR, the true scumdogs of this universe.
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