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Battle Helm Rating

Looking through the GWYDION discography I realize that here is yet another band I know nothing about. It usually is that way when it comes to Portuguese bands. It feels like they are a lost breed, stuck away on the edge of the Atlantic. But once you start digging a bit deeper you’ll realize that there is a plethora of really cool bands to discover. I have no idea if the Vikings ever did come to Portugal but here we have a band that play Viking metal/symphonic folk metal. as I listen to this I try to think of what bands it reminds me of and all I can come up with is Amon Amarth and Enslaved, which in no way describes the music of GWYDION. I also get a Primordial feeling in the first track. But most of all I enjoy what I hear. There is a feel to this that I like, a vibe that makes me comfy. This is epic, this is symphonic, this is brutal but most all it is good. Anders Ekdahl

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