Gypsyhawk – “Revelry & Resilience”

Gypsyhawk – “Revelry & Resilience” (Metal Blade Records)

If you grew up in the 70s during the golden years of hard rock and the birth of heavy metal, then this Pasadena crew will no doubt appeal to you. Taking their cue from the likes of Thin Lizzy and Lynyrd Skynyrd, the hard n fast rock riffs flow a plenty amidst some very cool rock boogie on songs like ‘Galaxy Rise’, ‘Silver Queen’ and ‘Rock N Roll, Hoochie Koo’. Chucking in some Maiden influenced guitar work, Gypsyhawk bring an energetic and refreshing approach to 2 classic styles and what I like most is that it’s not some retro re-hash, as their material stands up in its own right, continuing a legacy pioneered by those legendary bands. Formed only two years ago, bassist / vocalist Eric Harris had already done his time in Skeletonwitch and Sorceror before hooking up with Suns Beneath guitarist Andrew Packer, but the chemistry between the two is almost as if they’ve been playing together for decades. And that’s pretty much what “Revelry & Resilience” is – a new fine wine in the spirit of a classic vintage.

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