GYRE “Shared Visions”

”Shared Visions”

Battle Helm Rating

This is one album I just downloaded for review by chance. I seemed like it could be a cool album. And I gotta say that even though it might not be the stuff I listen to on a daily basis this New Jersey trio has made an album that I fully enjoy, and could very well listen to on a daily basis. I don’t know how to describe this in a proper manner. So I will call it eclectic metal. I get the feeling that there are influences from a wide specter of styles. Think a System of a Down mixed with some progressive thrash mixed with melodic hardrock mixed with modern metal mixed with you name it and you are not even close to understanding this band’s visions, even though it is “Shared Visions”. But in all this chaos out comes an album that is good. And that I like a lot. Anders Ekdahl

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