GYZE “The Rising Dragon”

”The Rising Dragon”
(Howling Bull)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not a big J-Rock fan. Simply because I haven’t heard enough of it to be swayed over. I do know of its existence. For the longest of times I have thought that Japanese GYZE are a J-Rock band but I couldn’t be more wrong. This is melodic death metal. So why haven’t I checked this one out before? A note to the brain to never let preconceived ideas rule your decisions. Because this is good. It is almost bloody good. This is just a single but I feels like a great point to start for me as someone new to the band. Whenever I listen to Japanese metal bands I get that Yngwie Malmsteen virtuosity feeling. They all seem to be of such high standard musician wise. This is no exception. It is tight as hell. This single has converted me into a GYZE fan. Anders Ekdahl

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