H.E.A.T – “Address The Nation”

H.E.A.T – “Address The Nation” (Edel earMusic)

If you crossed Bon Jovi, Loverboy and some Eurovision boy band, you would end up with H.E.A.T, who more than just coincidentally come from the same municipality as their more famous Swedish elders, Europe! To say they’re pretty boy rockers is something of an understatement with lyrics like ‘..you’re nothing but a teaser, a dirty Mona Lisa..’ on the upbeat 80s rocker of ‘Heartbreaker’ or the shakin’ AOR of ‘Falling Down’, it’s hard to ignore those highly addictive melodies, vocal harmonies and swanky synth rhythms. And if that wasn’t enough, they give Barry White a run for his money on the crooner ‘In And Out Of Trouble’, complete with sexy saxophone and female harmonies – man, this really is a trip back to the 80s! However, in the 5 years since their inception, H.E.A.T have released no less than 3 albums, toured the world and played the likes of Sweden Rock and Download, indicating they are being groomed for the big league indeed – or there’s a lotta 40 somethings still wanting to shake their fat asses out there LOL!

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