H.E.A.T – “H.E.A.T II”

H.E.A.T – “H.E.A.T II” (earMUSIC)
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Already raising heartbeats and stirring loins across Europe through hits like ‘1,000 Miles’ and previous releases like “Freedom Rock” comes the 6th album from arena rock revivalists H.E.A.T. If your heart is still set in the 80s with undying love for stadium crushing bands like Def Leppard, Europe, Survivor and Tyketto, then this youthful Swedish band will bring back all that fire and heartfelt passion with irresistible abundance! Sure, to the uninitiated, H.E.A.T might seem like arrogant pretenders, especially with most bands from that era still going, however, there is no denying that the band’s confidence is well earned given their song writing genius and on “H.E.A.T II” there’s no denying it given the sheer number of winning songs on this feisty 11 tracker. As the pulsating beats to ‘Rock Your Body’ do exactly as the title suggests and Erik Grönwall’s youthful vocals take hold of you, there is simply no will to resist as the melodies and most of all, massive air punching chorus make it feel as if you’re surrounded by 40,000 equally possessed fans! Then there’s ‘Victory’ with its huge passionate hooks, power melodies firing from the guitar of Dave Dalone and Jona Tee’s keyboards (both of whom produced the album) with plenty of chants of ‘Victory!’ guaranteed to get any crowd going and yet even more – yep you guessed it – air punching. Having weakened the knees and going for the heart on the killer ‘One By One’, the testosterone just builds the anticipated passion until it explodes into the immensely catchy singalong chorus that is sure to appeal to any red blooded rocker with a rebel heart. Closing with the power ballad in ‘Rise’ the inspiration of Joey Tempest & co is clearly evident in the Scandi mix of deep n heavy music mixed with the tenderest of melodies – not forgetting Dalone’s salutation to John Norum with some guitar brilliance of his own. Simply sensational, you will just keep wondering where the hits keep on coming from on this one!
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