H.E.A.T – “Live At Sweden Rock Festival”

H.E.A.T – “Live At Sweden Rock Festival” DVD / CD / Blu-Ray (earMusic)
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‘…We heard the call and answered. Fire and Hard Rock in the night…’. Certainly living up to their name, H.E.A.T have to be one of the hardest working – and most successful – upcoming bands around. In just over a decade, they’ve released 5 albums, including the acclaimed “Into The Great Unknown” and a live album “Live In London” in 2015. With the return of former guitarist Dave Dalone from the 2007 line-up, all the stars were aligned for this incredible show at the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival, catapulting the band’s star into national levels! Fully recognising this as their most important performance ever, and on home ground, the intention from the go was to make this a memorable show, and this 13 track set list is the best of H.E.A.T’s modern arena rock in all its gutsy, but catchy glory. With vocalist Erik Grönwall now firmly ensconced in the ranks, the band storm the stage, bringing their energy and hunger to inject the adrenaline, much to the appreciation of the crowd, whose roars, applause and singalongs are evident throughout the set – and in abundance! And it’s easy to see why when you’ve got the funky grooves on ‘Late Night Lady’ pumping red hot rock through your veins as Grönwall croons ‘…I’m in love with a queen..’ as Dalone’s dexterous guitar work is nothing short of kick ass. With Jona Tee’s addictive keyboard melody on ‘Mannequin Show’ hooking you, the massive passionate chorus is as deep as it is powerful, expressed beautifully in Grönwall’s soulful voice and harmonies from the band. But it’s on ‘Tear Down The Walls’ that the audience come into their own, singing along to ‘..we are one..’ movingly to Grönwall’s lead as the glam melodies and cellos add even more splendour to this incredible classic rock number. With Crash’s kick drum providing the thumping beat on ‘Inferno’, Grönwall’s soul once again really takes this fast rocking song into the next dimension, superbly contrasting Dalone’s hard riffing before his own blistering solo ensures no one at Sweden Rock will forget him. Closing with ‘A Shot At Redemption’, it’s simple but deep cow rock tones and killer chorus build to provide the coup de grâce with just about every rocker in attendance judging by the massive applause – awesome. For those who have yet to feel H.E.A.T live, then this is as close as it gets, otherwise get out there for the ultimate burn!
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