H.E.A.T – “Live In London”


H.E.A.T – “Live In London” (earMusic)

You can almost feel the heat, not to mention the sweat ‘n’ stink on this one! Despite being arena rockers who’ve risen to fame in recent years, “Live In London” was actually recorded in the smaller confines The Garage last year during the Swedes first-ever Euro headlining tour. Still, its small mention given the roar of the crowd, who must’ve been packed to the gills for this one, so vocalist Erik Grönwall sings like he’s getting in the practice for Madison Square Garden, and the fired up London crowd more than ably reciprocate! Formed in 2007, it wasn’t long before H.E.A.T were supporting the likes of Sabaton and playing the Sweden Rock Festival. Coming as a runner-up to Sweden’s Eurovision qualifying entry only served to gain more attention for the band and in 2010 their album “Freedom Rock” was ranked in the top 10 AOR/Melodic Rock albums of that year by Classic Rock Magazine. Musically H.E.A.T take in all the greats from the arena rock era like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Skid Row although they do have their own identity based on hugely catchy songs played with heartfelt youthful passion with a live energy that’s simply too much to ignore! This 15-track live album is pretty much the whole of their set unedited so you can feel their H.E.A.T – literally – from Erik Grönwall’s testosterone fueled screams and manly chest hair croons to Jimmy Jay n Crash’s thumping rhythms. But its those addictive melodies from guitarist Eric Rivers and Jona Tee’s keyboards that deliver the knock out blow on hugely singalong anthems like ‘1,000 Miles’, ‘A Shot At Redemption’, ‘Tearing Down The Walls’ and ‘Mannequin Show. The list is actually endless cos there are just so many hits! From kick ass rockers to sultry sass to heart bleeding ballads, you’ll certainly be feeling the H.E.A.T all the way from London on what has to be one of the best live albums this year.

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