HAGEL STONE “Where Is Your God Now”

“Where Is Your God Now”
(Sweet Poison)
Not so long ago I was sent a bunch of really cool metal albums from an Italian label. I found some really cool epic metal faves in that bundle. HAGEL STONE were not one of them. This one comes to me from a whole different place but I still have that high hope on this being another cool epic metal album from Italy. I love Omen’s first album “Battle Cry”. That to me is the ultimate power metal album. Manowar has to excuse me but that is the truth. I get a Omen/Manowar feeling when I listen to this. This is the kind of metal that I have a hard time resisting. There is something to it that is so bloody great that I just want to listen to it over and over again. This is pure metal to my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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