I can honestly say that this album made me scratch my head in confusion. What is it that the band wants to tell us with their music. It’s not as confusing as Celtic Frost’s “Cold Lake” album was but still it leaves me wondering what to think. Something that I’ve noticed is that the band seems to want to incorporate as many styles as possible in their music. Done the wrong way it could end up just sounding schizophrenic. Done the correct way it’ll end up a dream come true. Hail Spirit Noir end up somewhere in between, in a kind of no man’s land musically. I get very bad acid trip vibes (and I’m anti-drugs in any ways) listening to Hail Spirit Noir, like if Iron Butterfly mixed with grunge mixed with Pink Floyd mixed with 70s psychedelic mixed with black metal mixed with heavy metal mixed with death metal. It’s too much. Having said that, there’s a side to me that likes this chaotic mix of styles. It’s not as bad as I might have thought at first. Anders Ekdahl

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