HAISSEM ”Kuhaghan Tyyn”

”Kuhaghan Tyyn”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I normally don’t really care too much for band photos but the one from HAISSEM on Metal Archives I really wish I could have undone. I really hope that the music is so much better than the photo because if not this will be hard to get through. Thankfully the music is better than the photo. But I am too sure what I think about it in the end. It is supposed to be black metal and I guess that is what it is but I also get a feeling that there is much more to it than just black metal. And generally I don’t have any issue with that. I feel that it adds to the overall sound if it’s incorporated right. And here it is done nicely. This one is a real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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