Haken – “The Mountain”

Haken – “The Mountain” (InsideOut Music)

Haken are the most respected new prog rock / metal act in the UK. Despite being around only 5 years they’re already onto their 3rd album, played Night of the Prog Festival (Germany), ProgPower USA and toured with Dream Theater, Anathema, IQ, Therion and Evergrey in their astronomical rise to date! Haken play superior (and I don’t say that lightly given their intricate song writing and impeccable musicianship to pull it off) prog with a heavy end when they feel like laying in. The prog element mixes modern, traditional and even an element of space rock while the heavy incorporates rebounding djent like rhythms – in fact, the whole Haken locomotive moves along to an energetic pulse on songs like ‘Atlas Stone’, ‘Falling Back To Earth’ and ‘Cockroach King’ – perked up by Ross Jennings’s high vocals that compete with the equally mischievous soloing that nips and bites amidst the starry keyboard atmospherics, completed by spectacular melodies. I’m not sure if there was a concept behind “The Mountain” but it was long forgotten as I journeyed with Haken up along beautiful paths, through the clouds, occasionally across a perilous outcrop until I finally reached the summit to marvel at the splendor of all the world around – and it moved me to tears.

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