HALLIG “13 Keys To Lunacy”

”13 Key To Lunacy”
Just by looking at the cover to this album I already have high expectations of it. There is something to the look that tells me that this will be some very atmospheric black metal. I could do with a bit of atmosphere right about now. A moment to contemplate. And atmospheric it is in a non ambient way. There is something to this that makes it easy on my ears without losing its edge. This is in no way a weak ass attempt at being black metal. It is as aggressive as you’d expect black metal to be but it is done so cleverly that you get swept up in its embrace and not let go of until you’ve surrendered completely. And that is the kind of metal I like. The one where you don’t have to work to be embraced by it. Where it effortlessly allows you into its universe and welcomes you with open arms. Anders Ekdahl

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