Hammercult – “Legends Never Die”


Hammercult – “Legends Never Die” MCD (Steamhammer)

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Hammers indeed! Since signing to legendary label Steamhammer, Israeli thrashers Hammercult have gone a step further in re-locating to Germany, where to all intents and purposes, they have found even greater success in releasing their 3rd album “Built For War”. As the band continue to tour, they’ve decided to release this mini album of covers along with 3 of their fan favorite songs. Considering Hammercult’s raging war sound, it’s hardly a surprise hearing the likes of Accept’s ‘Fast As A Shark’ (now with bar mitzvah intro!), Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ and Slayer’s ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’ – all given an even faster OTT Hammercult mix of Yakir Shochat‘s sick-the-throat spat out vocals, Mach 10 thrashola twin guitars courtesy of Guy Ben David and Arie Arvanovich and the absolutely neck snapping rhythm of Elad Manor‘s bass and Maayan Henik‘s machine gun drumming. Less obvious, but no less lacking in credibility are GG Allin’s ‘No Rules‘ and Running Wild’s ‘Soldiers Of Hell‘, also given an excellent work out, but this time with the emphasis of punking out the former while enhancing the melodic brilliance of the latter. Along with their own material like ‘Let The Angels Burn‘, Hammercult clearly show why they were the leading extreme metal band in Israel, and if anything this mini-album shows they haven’t mellowed one iota!

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