Hammercult – “Steelcrusher”


Hammercult – “Steelcrusher” (Sonic Attack / SPV)

‘…rules are meant to be broken!!!..’ Widely regarded both as a super group and the most extreme band in Israel, Hammercult came to fame by winning the 2011 Israeli Wacken Metal Battle and subsequently the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle itself! Shortly after they were signed by Sonic Attack, whose owner Karl-Ulrich Walterbach is none other than the founder of the 80s cult label Noise Records. Needless to say Hammercult play thrash in the old school but heavily mixed with elements of modern death metal, punk, black metal and hardcore. As vocalist Yakir Shochat says ‘…it’s like a mixture of old Running Wild and Kreator on steroids!..”! I’d haveta agree with that as there are strong guitar melodies to counter the blistering power of Shochat’s screeching vocals and the relentless beat on songs like ‘Metal Rules Tonight’, ‘We Are The People’ and ‘In The Name Of The Fallen’. With a cool Middle Eastern groove further adding to their style Hammercult show they are much more than a heads-down retro thrash band but rather individuals unafraid to play their music as they see fit to live their lives in a country perpetually in a state of war. As refreshing as it is inspirational, “Steelcrusher” has also roped in Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser as guest soloist, Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris (Soulfly, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front), who mixed and mastered the album, and renowned artist Andreas Marschall (Blind Guardian, In Flames, Running Wild and Hammerfall) whose early work for Noise now brings him full circle with them through the dynamism of this band – don’t miss out on one of the most happening bands this year as they prepare to pummel you with hope!

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