HAMMERED “The Beginning”

“The Beginning”
HAMMERED made me think of the old American band Demolition Hammer. A band that didn’t get the attention that they deserved back in the early 90s. Hopefully HAMMERED will get the attention that they deserve. That they have a logo that make you think of Metallica will hope not mean that they’ll present us with a “St Anger” kind of album but more along the lines of old school Metallica. I get a Metallica/Megadeth kind of vibe listening to this. Two bands that I used to listen to a lot in the 80s but kinda feel out of touch with in the 90s. HAMMERED might have that kind of vibe but they also kinda remind me ( a lot) of Helloween with Kai Hansen. I think I’ve set this one up pretty good for you to get an idea of what to expect from it. Anders Ekdahl

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