I’ve never been to Atlantic City, NJ. Don’t think I want to when I think of it. The decadence and depravity that city has come to represent isn’t exactly my bag. And it’s not even glamorous like Las Vegas. But if that means that great music will come from it I’m all for it. Hammerfight is crossover the way I like it. Equal amounts of metal and hardcore mixed together to make for a perfect drink. That this record only has 7 tracks is a pretty big downer. I would have liked 7 more tracks before we hit the end. An easy description would be to mix Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” with Agnostic Front’s “Victims In Pain” but that would only give you part of the truth. So if you like bands like Madball, Hatebreed or anything else that Jamey Jasta has done then this is for you, and me. Anders Ekdahl

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