Hanzel und Gretyl – “Hexennacht”

Hanzel und Gretyl – “Hexennacht” (Metropolis Records)
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Fukken Über!!! Hailing from New York City and made up of the scandalous duo of Kaizer Von Loopy (guitar, vocals, programming) and Vas Kallas (vocals, bass), HuG have been playing their crucial blend of goth, electro and Neue Deutsche Härte since the early 90s, wowing audiences supporting the likes Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Rob Halford, Prong, Cradle Of Filth and Ministry, being featured on high profile TV shows like Howard Stern and the MTV Music Awards, and having one of their songs appearing in the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. With the words “More German Than German” found on their backdrop and previous albums like “Born To Be Heiled” and “Satanik Germanik”, needless to say the Germanisms are abound but more importantly, under the skilled hands of HuG, the 12 highly attractive tracks here in “Hexennacht” ceaselessly tantalise and torment through bowl chundering grooves, sexy dance beats and hypnotic melodies. Equally, the duo take White Zombie’s b-movie horror theme a step further, continuing their dark forest descent into Bavarian Halloween by blending black metal aesthetics with industrial otherworldiness. From the pulverising beats on ‘Draconia Teutonik’, slashing metallic guitars contrast superbly with dirtier sounds as do Loopy’s heavy drawls to crescendo femme goth wailings, leaving you as shattered as satiated from HuG’s overwhelming beauty and blasting – like, totally amazing! On ‘Vultures Ov Death’, rolling evil riffs and hammering beats provide the extreme but classy hooks as Loopy’s roars and scratched vocals spin you into the song even more through the use of intelligent tempo arrangements involving slow, headbanging passages as well as double bass propelled blasting, all of which is made even more blissful by creepy keyboards and ghostly choirs laced here and there – incredible. Literally howling in on ‘Wolves Witches’, powerful femme sopranos provide the bountiful goth atmosphere fed by grim, blood red guitars, evil tongues of ‘..battle of the demons..’ and heavy industrial beats that instantaneously grip and captivate you from start to finish. Listening to “Hexennacht”, it’s easy to see why HuG have been so popular over the years cos they are undoubted wunderkinder in every regard.


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