Hard Action – “Hot Wired Beat”

Hard Action – “Hot Wired Beat” (Svart Records)

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Oh wow, these Finns may have an unremarkable name for their band, but they sure know how to rock! Clearly weaned during those long winter nights on a steady diet of The Dictators, MC5 and especially Hanoi Rocks, this 9 track sophomore has it all from fast rockers and spazzed out punkers to cool cruisers and soulful crooners. Most of all though, it’s all catchy and instantly addictive thanks to the relentless guitar machines of Gyntsä (who also handles vocals and could give Mick Jagger a run for his money) and Ville, who between them throw out wild solos, heart breaking melodies, trash rock n roll licks and insane breaks like the world was ending tomorrow. With a rock n roll intensity to match all those great aforementioned bands, Hard Action is high energy punk rock n roll all the way (Scandi style naturally) on tracks like raging stomper of ‘Hostile Street’ or the wild n out there ‘Knocked Down, Dragged Out’ and the slick Scandi guitar driven rock of ‘Nothing Ever Changed’, although truth be told, all the tracks here will get you more revved up than Elvis riding a Harley Davidson on speed! Having undertaken several tours across Europe, this amazing sophomore will prove that their 2015 debut “Sinister Vibes” was no flash in the pan and moreover, yet another great Finnish band is on the horizon.

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