Hard Riot – “Living On A Fast Lane”

Hard Riot – “Living On A Fast Lane” (Pitch Black Records)

Whoa – these guys have been listening to massive amounts of AC/DC, at least in their hard rock riffs and thumping rhythms that would leave the Young brothers beaming beetroot LOL! Anywhere else in the world and they would probably be lynched (by their guitar strings LOL – Ed) but only in Germany could this really happen cos they also add in the melodic vocals and harmonies of bands like Gotthard! It’s an interesting combination to say the least on songs like ‘Hellfire Rock, ‘Tears In The Rain’ and ‘Black Widow’, if anything answering the question of what might’ve been if AC/DC had gone with ‘regular’ rock vocals. On the other hand, Hard Riot might be one of the zillions of small town bands all looking for their 15 seconds of fame.

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