Harlott – “Proliferation”


Harlott – “Proliferation” (Metal Blade Records)

Who needs the 80s when you’ve got Harlott! Hailing from the most cultured Aussie city of Melbourne comes a band that is sure to rile up, if not get themselves out rightly banned for their blatant 80s thrash frenzy. With heaps of Slayer, along with skillful measures of early Kreator, Testament and Sacred Reich chucked in, Harlott are already making waves internationally as their unrivaled live shows have seen them support Accept, Megadeth’s David Ellefson and are now poised to take them across Europe with Annihilator! So what’s all the fuss about? Well, if you love 80s style thrash, then Harlott mix it up big time from Andy Hudson’s Araya vocals to Ryan Butler’s Mille Petrozza’s raw shredding guitar and in no small part, Timmo Joyce’s Ventor-meets-Lombardo nuclear drumming. Like a buncha rabid lumberjacks fueled on meth this lot could fell a rain forest in their chopping frenzy on tracks like ‘Lord Of War’, ‘Hellbent’ and ‘Cross Contamination’ – although all 12 tracks on this sophomore possess the same blurring freneticity that will send you into a thrashing spasm amidst the hoarse shout outs, wailing solos and Timmo’s pummeling toms and double bass assault. It’s all skillfully arranged just like their legendary predecessors and with some melody here n there along with occasional grooves where Tom Richards deep bass adds some balls, Harlott stands ready to once again turn us into headbangers from hellion!

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