HARMDAUD ”Blinda Dödens Barn”

”Blinda Dödens Barn”

Battle Helm Rating

There are more than one connection to Vintersorg on this album. Well, I hope there is. I know that the Vintersorg has been involved in the production of this album. What that does to the music I don’t know but I sure hope that some of it has rubbed off on HARMDAUD. If I were to compare this to anything I’d say it is more in style of Borknagar’s debut than it is the folk music tinged metal of Vintersorg. I might even stretch as far as calling this borderline atmospheric black metal. It moves in the region of Lustre and that whole sort of ambient like metal. Most of all does it reminds me of the vibe that Borknagar has in its music. But at the same time I get a Amon Amarth vibe too. You know what? All this thinking drives me crazy, so I’ll stop trying to figure out what it reminds me of and just keep banging my head to an album full of cool metal songs. Because that I do understand. Anders Ekdahl

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