Hatchet – “Dawn Of The End”

Hatchet – “Dawn Of The End” (The End Records)

Comin outta the Bay Area, SF’s Hatchet had some big footsteps to fill back when they formed in 2007, but gettin signed to Metal Blade for their debut “Awaiting Evil” went a long way to proving their potential. Sadly, things didn’t work out and compounded by line up changes main man Julz Ramos wiped the slate clean with a new line up and took on the vocal duties himself! Well, I would say it’s paid off in this no frills Bay Area thrash sophomore. Metallica, Testament and Exodus are unsurprisingly the main influences here from fast jumping riffs and to chopping rhythms on songs like ‘Silenced By Death’, ‘Vanishing Point’ and ‘Fall From Grace’. Ramo’s own semi screech vocals are a mixture of Zetro Sousa and Mille Petrozza but it fits in with the band’s overall sound. Surprisingly, there’s also a fair amount of melody in there too which is refreshing for such a young band not to just rely on their speed and power and show that Hatchet have a lot going for them. “Dawn Of The End” is definitely up there with all the other young thrashers and although the production is raw, it was similarly so for those early thrashers – and look at where they are today!

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