Hate – “Crusade:Zero”


Hate – “Crusade:Zero” (Napalm Records)

Wow, Hate musta taken a leaf out’ve Behemoth’s book what with the trumpeting horns of Satan intro and the big bombastic production on this 9th album from these black /death Poles. With more of a black emphasis there has also been a shift down in gears to allow more alternating tempos amidst the expected blastbeats to slower, heavier passages like on ‘Leviathan’ where frontman founder guitarist vocalist Adam ‘Atf Sinner’ Buszko growls ‘..darkness will prevail! darkness will prevail!!..’ as if in prophetic salutation to the coming of the horned god! Certainly “Crusade:Zero” is probably the darkest album Hate have ever released with an emphasis on sombre mood and deathly atmosphere conveyed through the quality of the song writing and the precision controlled musicianship that on ‘Valley Of Darkness’ beautifully contrasts Buszko’s slow rasps with Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz’s hyperspeed double bass drumming, captured in all its thundering glory by the superior orchestral production quality sound for beat by beat clarity. With layers of thick, decadent post black riffing creating an epic feel throughout the album, the icing on the cake undoubtedly comes from those superb dark, metallic clanging melodies tipped off by the odd bit of tasteful Spanish guitar like on ‘Rise The Omega Consequence’. Darker and more radical and yet still deep and authentic, Hate will have you on this one.

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